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Unity is a tabletop RPG set in an epic fantasy world that’s infused with a dash of arcane powered technology. The game takes place in a realm torn apart by the very same God that created it. His children, the four races of Unity, were punished for their hubris and left for dead. Now they struggle to come together and unite against the grim horrors of a world on fire.

Mechanically, the game has been designed to blend narrative ease for telling spectacular stories with a robust combat system that facilitates deep and engaging tactical battles. The game emphasizes teamwork and allows players to combine their abilities and develop powerful synergies to overcome challenging encounters. Narrative mechanics are in place to encourage players to paint cinematic scenes alongside the GM and also provide an avenue for deep character development.

The Core Rulebook will be a beautifully crafted 330+ page hardcover book that will contain everything you need to start playing:

  • Full Setting Guide
  • Complete Rules System
  • Foes to Fight
  • GM's Guide

A variety of builds and combos await you.
A variety of builds and combos await you.



Unity has been built from the ground up with tuning knobs and dials so that you can tailor the experience to your group's tastes. There are guidelines on how to tweak a certain mechanic up or down and sometimes you can just remove it from play entirely. Unity as presented in the Core Rulebook will be the default way I would recommend you to play Unity, but I'm a big believer that there isn't "one true way to play." I wanted this flexibility to be a part of the design philosophy from the start.


The game draws upon familiar tropes and its characters, classes, and factions are inspired by traditional fantasy fare. These along with the carefully designed powers can be viewed as blueprints that can be readily reskinned for flavour and tailored to your liking. All the hard work and behind the scenes calculations and testing have been done for you. You may need to roll up your sleeves a bit the further your customization deviates from a high fantasy setting though.

The Age of Unity has long passed. For some half a millennia, four races have fiercely struggled to survive a world torn asunder by the very hand that created it. The Skyfather, Lord of Creation, has watched over and nurtured the world of Unity and all its inhabitants since time immemorial. With his Ivory Queen by his side, they created three children to inherit paradise from them: the Valla, the Furians and finally the youngest, Humanity.

Four Factions. One Destiny.
Four Factions. One Destiny.

Like the turning of the seasons, peace was a transient and fragile thing. A never ending war broke out between the Children of Unity. The unbridled savagery and countless deaths that resulted from it filled the Skyfather with great sorrow. A profound sense of failure overwhelmed him and one fateful day he left Unity and headed deep into the cosmos.

Unable to contain her grief over her children’s bloodshed and now the loss of her beloved, the Ivory Queen struggled to find a way to save her children and bring home their Father. The answer came, not of her own volition, but from a whisper deep beyond the void. The Ivory Queen could not resist the idyllic promise of harmony and the return of her beloved. In a desperate and misguided attempt, the Ivory Queen created all manner of fearsome beasts and creatures to set upon her children. Banded together under a blood red banner, the Crimson Horde assaulted all three empires relentlessly. A common enemy would unite the Children, the voice promised. It did more than unite them, it turned them into the greatest fighting force the world had ever seen. Combining their unique gifts, the Children of Unity beat back the Crimson Horde, scattering them for centuries to come.

A Queen's Sorrow.
A Queen's Sorrow.

Clouded by the intoxicating promise of a better and brighter tomorrow, the Ivory Queen lacked the foresight to anticipate the tragedy that would follow. Even as the decades passed and Unity was rebuilt to even greater splendor than ever before, the Children were still filled with anger and hubris. The fires of betrayal burning in their hearts would not be quelled until retribution was served.

They shattered the Throne of Heaven, a conduit to the divine, and took their fight to the Ivory Queen. Greatly weakened from having created the Crimson Horde, the Queen could not survive the onslaught from her own children. Her death scream reached across the cosmos and pulled the Skyfather back across countless stars to Unity. In his inconsolable rage, he struck the world, pulling back only at the last moment – a whisper of mercy still in his aching heart.

The force of his abated strike tore the fabric of reality. The Drift, an immaterial world consisting of the spiritual, psychic, and emotional emanations of all living things spilled forth through the break.

The sundering of reality marked the dawn of the Age of Wrath. Due to the sheer amount of spiritual energy pouring out of the breach, the automatons of the Human Empire began to come alive with sentience, the dead were rising from their graves in the Eastern Kingdoms, and the scattered remnants of the Crimson Horde began re-emerging from the wilds in the north. The darkest hour was yet to come. From the deepest parts of the Drift, the parts that harbour the evil thoughts and vicious emotions of all living things, sprung a legion of demonic entities known as the Fell.

The Fell spilled forth from the breach and washed over Unity like a black tide of unending doom. Countless lives were given to stem the sea of the darkness. The price for their sinful pride was paid in full when the Children of Unity were cursed by the Skyfather -- his final judgement for their unforgivable crime of matricide. Their unique gifts were stripped from them and a plague was sent to destroy a third of Humanity, giving rise to the Afflicted, a new faction.

Bound by destiny.
Bound by destiny.

The world now teeters on the edge of oblivion. Apocalypse looms on the horizon as civilization is beset on all sides by terror and tyranny. Alliances are shattered as kingdoms lie broken and smouldering. Now more than ever is a time for heroes. It is a time for redemption. It is a time to find unity once more.

A World On Fire

Scorched deserts, smoldering ruins, dead gray forests, and steamy bog marshes dot the lands where the Drift has spilled through the cracks of reality and brought with it terrors from the dark. It has been difficult to find harmony when danger lurks around every corner. This has caused a shift in cultural consciousness from one of striving to merely surviving. With such a mentality, the world has become a darker and more dangerous place than it has ever been.


Murky Morals

One of the core themes Unity promotes exploring is the question of morality. In a world that’s slowly devouring itself, people’s hearts become closed as fear and instinct overtake them. The imperative to survive can lead to actions that are questionable. Yet these situations can inspire reflection. Is it wrong to steal so that your child won’t starve? Is it wrong to kill a bandit who’s stealing from you to feed her child? Unity’s setting provides rich tropes to draw on, providing fodder for creating emotional stories and moral dilemmas.

An example are the sentient automatons, once mindless slaves who are now thoughtful living beings. Some seek to liberate their still entrapped brethren while others seek vengeance on their flesh wearing ‘masters’. Should they be free? Are they truly alive? What about the idea of a ‘good robot’? Do they exist? Can they feel?

The Geronimo Mk II, or "Gerry" as preferred by his tiny travelling companion.
The Geronimo Mk II, or "Gerry" as preferred by his tiny travelling companion.

Culture Clash

Since the beginning of creation, the major races of the world have oscillated between apathy, tension, unity, and all out war. Throughout the ages, the Valla, the Furians, and the Humans have fought both against each other and together against a common enemy. Where our story begins, the Age of Unity has ended like the setting of a glorious sun, making way for the dusk of troubled times to come. The pressures of survival cause tensions to run high as fear conquers empathy. Each race points a finger at the other, blaming them for the Great Calamity and the darkness that is encroaching on their world.

As part of the new generation coming into a precarious landscape, will you be able to inspire hope and open doors again or will you take advantage of the prejudice and chaos for your own benefit?

Technological Wonders

Before the Skyfather became the Mad God, before the Fell spilled into the world, before the Children of Unity were brought to their knees, there was a time when the people came close to touching perfection. The Age of Unity was a golden era for all the major races. Working together as one united force, they knew no equal in the world. There was no enemy or power that could threaten them -- not until the Skyfather had returned full of wrath and vengeance to become the Mad God. During this glorious age, the Children of Unity combined technological ingenuity with arcane knowledge to create marvelous wonders.

Weapons and tools of vast power became common, robotic automaton slaves were a household item, and as if to affront the divine, the Children of Unity created mechanical constructs so large they could touch the sky. These Titan Rigs, along with a host of other incredible creations, are now long buried and lost to the sands of time. The knowledge to maintain and recreate such things is said to be lost, especially since the best and brightest minds were afflicted with the horrible disease known as the Phage.

Exploration & Discovery

Despite the bleakness of the world, there are hidden gems tucked away from the turmoil that besets Unity. Secret places untouched by the darkness lie in wait, ripe for exploration and discovery. These are places of beauty, places where folks have learned to work together, places where hope still lives on. There are large patches of the landscape that are still unexplored or have now been transformed so significantly that it is difficult to say what will be found by an intrepid adventurer.

Where will you go? What will you discover out there?

A place where hope lives on.
A place where hope lives on.

At its core Unity has always been about telling great stories while having a solid mechanical foundation to satisfy a certain gaming itch. The storyteller inside of me loved RPGs that encouraged sweeping and cinematic scene painting, while the gamer inside of me also enjoyed the tactical aspects of combat along with the excitement and anticipation of building a mighty yet flavourful character.

In Unity, characters are not constrained by a mess of rules when they tempt fate with an outrageous or heroic action. In our adventures, it is the ludicrous and impossible moments that we remember and cherish. At the same time, the rules aren’t so lite that character progress becomes nebulous or combat is reduced to a fanciful conversation of improvised sword strokes and footwork. Let’s have some mechanical heft and defined evocative powers to play with as well!

It is my hope that there are others out there who are looking for a similar blend of streamlined narrative mechanics that promote telling interesting stories and embracing the impossible, while still having a robust mechanical framework for fantastic character building and deep tactical battles.

Unity’s system encourages strategic teamplay through the development of synergistic powers and a combat engine that facilitates the execution of these tactics. Simultaneous resolution, diceless GMing and the dissolution of individual turn orders combine to increase player engagement and speed of play.

My final guiding philosophy in developing Unity is to not just create a "game". Whenever I pick up a tabletop RPG rulebook, I become excited at the wonderful possibilities ahead. New lands and cultures to explore. Evocative and breathtaking artwork. A rich history that transports me out from the mundane and provides me with a few precious moments of being immersed in an entirely different world. I can feel myself begin to care about a made up place and its people. Then I can take all of that to the table and bring my friends along with me. That's powerful.

Unity will be more than just a game. It will be a story book, an art book, and a game book. It will strive to be like the books that I happily lost my youth to -- and now some of the quieter parts of my adult life as well.

There is a FREE 43 page Sampler available on DriveThruRPG complete with artwork containing various snippets from the Core Rulebook. These include an introduction to basic rules, write-ups on the playable races, combat and combo examples, full Tier 1 power list for the Dreadnought class, examples of enemies you’ll encounter and more. Click the image below to grab it.

Class Spotlights

Click on any of the following sample spotlights to take a quick look at some of their powers and gain a bit of insight into the design intention and tactical possibilities.

Transcribed Combat Example

Six rounds of combat from an early playtesting session for Unity.

Available Rewards:


Digital Basic

~$19 USD + $0 shipping for digital rewards

Only the Core Rulebook PDF. Does not include stretch goals or KS exclusives.


Digital Deluxe

~$29 USD + $0 shipping for digital rewards

The Complete Digital Package. Backers at this tier will receive all unlocked Digital Stretch Goals.

$75CAD + Shipping

The Book

~$57 USD

Receive the Book and all the awards included at the Digital Deluxe Tier. Any stretch goals that improve the physical book will also apply to this tier.

$115CAD + Shipping

Collector's Edition

A beautiful leather-bound (faux) hardcover book, with a foil-stamped cover, and ribbon marker.

The cover art will also be included inside the book.

Includes all rewards at the Digital Deluxe Tier.

$180CAD + Shipping

Book Lover

~$137 USD


Can't decide between the Limited Collector's Edition and the Standard Hardcover? Want one for yourself and another for your players?

Get both editions!

You will receive 2 books - both the Limited Collector's Edition and the Standard hardcover book.

Buying both saves you $10.

This bundle will not be available after the pre-order period ends.

Includes all rewards at the Digital Deluxe Tier.

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